Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is still the best way to ensure that your clients hit their target audience both geographically and demographically because the print piece is delivered to their mailbox, so it’s guaranteed to get into their hands.  Targeted postcards offer a strong return on investment with an average 3 to 1 return on marketing spend and a response rate as high as 8-10% based on if they target new or existing customers.

Types of Direct Mailings

You will select one of the below programs based on the best way to reach your ideal customer and/or if you are trying to create new customers or nurture existing customers:
  • Saturation Mailings
    • Focuses on new customer acquisition – the mailing is at a carrier route or neighborhood level (sub-ZIP code)
    • Allows your clients to target specific people based on age, income, home value, net worth and distance around their customer’s business using lower rate postage costs.
    • Low cost way for your client to help their customers target key potential customers around their business
  • List Mailings
    • Focuses on new customer acquisition and utilizes advanced targeting to further refine your target audience allows you to target people who have specific customer attributes that make up your clients “ideal” customer – e.g. people who drive a specific car, people with a specific medical ailment or people who have certain buying propensities.
    • Laser focused mailing to your client’s ideal potential customer
    • Deliver higher incentives to existing prospects that have not yet converted
  • Database Mailings
    • Focuses on nurturing existing customers in your client’s database/CRM to drive them back to your business
    • Allows your client to target your best customers with special offers and incentives
    • Ability to “cherry pick” specific customers based on spending history or any other data point your POS system captures
    • High ROI program targeting existing customers for your client with past purchase history